torsdag 8 september 2011

Armies on Parade, here I come!

Sometimes you really surprise yourself, I just did it! I finished my piece for Armies on Parade (two days before deadline!) I still thinking about adding some more poison ivy to the base, but it will do as it is right now. I just fellt lika a huge rock fell from my shoulders since this thing has been hanging over me for tha past three weeks. I know this is far from my best work, but at the moment I just wanted to say that something is finished and hand it in. Thisw piece is dedicated to mu fiancee Maria and my two beutifull children Noomi and Lion, without you nothing of this would ever have come to life! Thanks for putting up with me, I love you forever.
Taking pictuers of this beast is really hard, so for now you have to saddle for this shoot. I might do anotherone later.
Untill next time, happy painting!

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