söndag 16 oktober 2011

I´m back, or...?

Readers of this blog have realized that it was a long time since my last update. Work, family and lack of inspiration had been the cause of that. I don´t know how often this blog will be updated in the future but you can excpect to see a Death Korps of Krieg piece and some Evil sunz orks coming up in a not to far future. And who knows, maybe even some Fleashteares! I had some plan to start a Fleshtearers army a while ago, I bought some minis and well...then it pretty much stopped. We will see what will happen next.
Here is my Death Korps of Krieg piece with just it´s basecoat, a bad pic of some Orks and my daughters first mini ever! She is 4 years old, and I gave her one of King Orions dogs (Warhammer fantasy, Wood elves).
Hope to update soon again.

Untill next time, happy painting!