söndag 16 oktober 2011

I´m back, or...?

Readers of this blog have realized that it was a long time since my last update. Work, family and lack of inspiration had been the cause of that. I don´t know how often this blog will be updated in the future but you can excpect to see a Death Korps of Krieg piece and some Evil sunz orks coming up in a not to far future. And who knows, maybe even some Fleashteares! I had some plan to start a Fleshtearers army a while ago, I bought some minis and well...then it pretty much stopped. We will see what will happen next.
Here is my Death Korps of Krieg piece with just it´s basecoat, a bad pic of some Orks and my daughters first mini ever! She is 4 years old, and I gave her one of King Orions dogs (Warhammer fantasy, Wood elves).
Hope to update soon again.

Untill next time, happy painting!

3 kommentarer:

  1. det är roligt att se lite saker från dig, dina orcs du jobbar med kommer att bli ganska coola.

    och om du ger noomi 10år till så kommer hon nog att äga dig ganska hårt på att måla :D

  2. I think after I painted ten more mini I need to start focusing on the base like you did as well, really set the scene for the mini..

  3. Muffin: ja, det behövs nog inte ens 10 år innan hon går om mig om det börjas i tid:) Man kan ju hoppas i alla fall.

    Vegel: Thanks, a nice base and display is half the mini. You keep up your work with your minis as well. I´l looking forward to your next update.