torsdag 31 maj 2012

Killa kans update

The three Killa kans are closing  in for the battelfield. There is a bit more of the "dirty buissnies" to do, that´s right it means pigments. I´ll pobably get some time tonight to finish thew off.

Untill next time, happy painting!

tisdag 29 maj 2012

Killa kan 2 WIP 1

I started on the second Killa kan and it´s going quite well. I think it´s about time to start the dirty buisness about now.
The third Killa kan will be primed today and it will get some paint later. I planning to have all three Killa kans done during this week.
Hope you will like it and C&C is always welcomed.

Untill next time, happy painting!

fredag 25 maj 2012

Bad Moon Killa kan

I have a challange with myself, paint a Killa kan in less then 8h. Why? Because I want to get all Orks painted sometimes before 2020...This is the first Killa kan after 6-7h of painting. Hope you will like it.
Untill next time, happy painting!

torsdag 24 maj 2012

Time to be serious, the art of depression

This post is about beeing serious, it´s about painting, taking care of yourself and about life.
Not many of you readers know much about me more then I paint some minis once in a while. This is a few word why and some thought´s about the purpose of my painting.
I start from the beginning. I have been intresded in table top games since the mid 90´s. I have never been much of a gaming, but insted I enjoyd to collect the minis, planing an army but rarely got the time to play a game or two. I have been of and on this hobby for some years, but I always seems to find my way back. This is something I know.

Last autum something happened, call i a life tragedy if you will. The result was the same, I feel into a deep depression. I had to struggle with the everyday tasks just to function, the result was that after a few month´s I went home from work. that´s the bakground of what I wanted to talk about. The next part is handling your inner beeing with art.

Having enourmous problems with simply thing´s like reading, painting was not something I couldn´t do for more than a few minutes at a time. My motiviation was missing, inspiration gone and my belives in myself lost. Still I tried to paint, "this I know", I keept telling myself and slowly as the weeks went by, something happened. I found out that the preperation work on a mini was kind of therapy for me, a symbol of something new. So I tried to prep minis for a while almost every day. the painting followed as I slowly begun to put layer after layer of paints on miniatures. Still the concentration was a big problem, you all know that you won´t get much painting done if you only would sit about 15 minutes at the time. This to improved as the weeks went by. I still have problems sitting longer than 30 minutes but I have embraced that feeling and try to say to myself that it´s an improvement instead of "why can´t you do some more?".

Long story short, nowday´s I can see a plan with some miniatures, I can visualize the mini beeing painted, and that´s a huge step for me! Mainly because that have helped me to set up a plan for my self, and my life. In a few word, my conclusion. Handling a depression is painfull and it eat you alive if you don´t find the tools for it. For me the first step was to raise my confidence in myself. I do that by painting. Small thing´s that makes you say "it´s good" instead of saying "what could I have done differently?" will in time bring you back to the person you once was, or even a better one!

What I want to say is, I take responsibility for my life, I´m handling my depression, one mini at a time. What´s working for doesn´t have to work for another, but somehow I have found a small path throu this dark lands into the light again. This isn´t entierly the thruth, there is another thing that have helped me a lot wich I don´t talk about a lon online, my two kids. They are fantastic, and without them the will to walk throu this and come out of it as a stronger person wouldn´t have been there at all.

So if some of you had the intrest of reading all this text. Thank you, I wouldn´t been here without all encouraging word both on this blog and on other forum as well. You can help a stranger even without knowing it.

Untill next time, happy painting and take care.

onsdag 23 maj 2012

Earth reborn Mammoth MKII WIP

I´ve been painting on a Earth reborn set for a few nights. This is the Mammoth MKII´s first WIP. So far no more then 4h of painting have been done and with that in mind it´s still looks pretty good.
There is also some Wh40k Flesh tearers stuff as well as a small fantasy project coming up i a day or two.
Untill next time, happy painting!

söndag 20 maj 2012

The Fang 2012, Stockholm is over

The Fang Stockholm 2012 was held at the Games Workshop store and now the event/competition is over. There were a lot of really well painted miniatures entered this year, I heard it was about 150 entries and all of them held a very good quality.
So how did I do at the competition? Very well I tell you, much over my highest expectations. I actually placed myself in four categorys!

Duell - first place with my "Tyranid attack".
 Warhammer fantasy single miniature - Second place with my Chaos sorcerer.
Wh40k Vheicle - Third place with my Death company Dreadnought.
Open category - Third place with my Nurgle lord.

This made me very happy since I never expected to get in the top three with any of my entries when I entered them. So, did I tell hyou that I cellebrated last night? No? Well, I did!;)

What´s next in the pipeline then? Well, some flesh teares are primed and waiting for me to start them, and a Whirlwind as well, yeah and another Dreadnought! Then there is my expanding collection of Malifaux miniatures, some Warmachine and a Studio McVey miniature! These are part of my personal collection, then I have a comission coming up soon.

Untill next time, happy painting!

fredag 18 maj 2012

The Fang 2012

I decided to take part in this years The Fang painting competition in Stockholm. I left my entries there today and tomorrow I will know how it went. I did well last year, but I don´t excpect it to go the same way since I rushed the painting. But who cares, I paint for fun and for myself. Then it´s a bonus that I actually finish some models for my Flesh tearers (I guess they would still be on sprue otherwise).
I took part in seven categoris, yes seven. It´s pure madness I know, but there was so much to choose from and I couldn´t decide so I did almost all of them...I suppose I would have got better looking minis if I only hade choose one or two, but again. I paint for myself and sometimes I need a deadline to get something done...
Here are a few pictures of some of my entries.
First up is a Treeman for the monster category.
Then a Nurgle lord for the open category.
 Some Deatha company marines for wh40k squad. The pic isn´t as sharp as I would have asked it to be, but I´ll take a better one later.
My Death company Dreadnought for the Wh40k vehicle category. This mini was painted in less then 10h, I think it was about 8-9h of painting from start to finish.

And my entery for the duel category, Tyranid attack. It´s hard to take pictures with so much white in it, but again, I´ll try again later.
I also entered the Chaos sorcerer and Lemartes but I was in a hurry and didn´t took any pictures of them, but I have showed them off earlier.

I let you know tomorrow how it went.
Untill next time, happy painting!

torsdag 17 maj 2012

Death company Dreadnought last update

This will be the last update on my Death company Dreadnought. I did some painting last night, not as much as I had planed, but at least something. Hopefully there will be at least one or two hours of painting time this evening. Stay tuned for more updates!
Until next time, happy painting!

onsdag 16 maj 2012

Death company Dreadnought WIP 2

I was lucky to get about 2,5-3h of painting time yesterday and this is my progress on my Death company Dreadnought. My goal is still to have this mini ready by friday morning...let´s see if I can make it. I will get about 2-4h of painting time according to my calculations. Can it be done in time? Stay tuned...
Untill next time, happy painting!

tisdag 15 maj 2012

Death company Dreadnought WIP 1

I have just started to paint my Death company Dreadnought. Today I got some crazy idea that it would be done untill friday morning so I could enter it in the fang 2012 (GW´s annual painting competition in Stockholm, Sweden). So...with aproximatly 2-3h that can be used to painting each day, gives me a total of 6-9h of work, if I can stop myself from doing something else... We´ll just have to wait and see how this miniature looks on friday morning...
Untill next time, happy painting!

söndag 13 maj 2012

Sunday update

There haven´t been so much painting the last few day´s. I have a hard time with inspiration and motivation, but it will hopefully losen up sometimes soon.
I have a few pic´s to show you. First is an Ice gaming for the Rasputina crew (Malifaux). It was a fun miniature to paint, at first I had some plans of doing so much more on this little guy but then I started to do the base and after adding the snow... I kind of like it the way it is right now, I´ll think I´ll stop right here. For not at least;)
Second it´s a pic of my Death company´s with jump packs. They will be a part of my slowly growing Flesh tearers army for Wh40k. As soon as I decides that these little guy´s are done the army will consist of a brutal 11 models! 5 Scouts, 5 Death companys and Lemartes. I have 2 Razorbacks still in boxes, 1 Death company dreadnougth, 1 regular dreadnought, 5 Sanguinary guards, 1 commander and 10 tactical marines still to paint...oh and Astaroth of course! Enough babbeling and on to the picture.
As you can see in this picture I have given the sergeant his originally sword again. I never was compleatly convinsed about the sword from the sanguinary guards box. So I went stripping his sword again. This is the 5-6 times I break of his arme and glueing another one on him.
Hopefully there will be some more of both the Malifaux miniatures but also some Wh40k, Warhammer fantasy and it might even be some Warmachine miniatures showing sometimes soon.

Untill next time, happy painting!

måndag 7 maj 2012

New picture Chaos sorcerer and some WIPs

Today I thought that I would share some WIP´s on a few of my projects. But first is a new picture of the Chaos sorcerer (GW) that i posted some time ago.
'And some WH40k projects, first a WIP shoot on my Death companys with jump packs.
And I wanted to give them a Dreadnought as well, but I have always thougt that the Dreadnought´s looks to tiny and static. So I made him a bit bigger. Looks ok I think and hopefully it will look great once he get´s painted.
And at last...a WIP shoot of a Ice gaming from Malifaux. Still eraly in the progress, but if I´ll the find the "flow" I have a feeling that this one will be great.
 That´s all for now...
Untill next time, happy painting!

söndag 6 maj 2012

Death company WIP

I started to think more and more about having some Death companys with jump packs. So far so good, the minis very built and based pretty fast...then it stoped.
Anyway, long story short this is pretty much all that I have painted on them. I have cut of his arm with power sword more times that I can cunt (and that´s when I have already started to paint him) and tried many different arms and weapons. Somehow this is pretty much where I gave in, I don´t have the energy to tear of his arm any more so he will look like this even after I´ve done painting him.
Still a WIP, and more to come once I find the "flow" again.

Untill next time, happy painting!

lördag 5 maj 2012

Just for fun

This blog has been all about the wargaming miniatures and almost every miniature I have painted has been from some kind of miniature wargame. So, for the first time ever( if you don´t count Pan, that is), I will try to paint something that wasn´t designed for gaming.
By "excident" I got myself this today, took about 30-60min to assemble, hard to count since my two gremlins helped me;) It´s a M4 Sherman MkI tank in 1:76 from Airfix.
As soon as I can get some primer I will paint it and see just how it is to paint something in that scale, will be fun!
Let´s see if I can get some paint on this in the next few days. Also coming up in the next few days are some painted miniatures for Wh40k, Warmachine and Malifaux.

Untill next time, happy painting!

torsdag 3 maj 2012

Flesh construf for Malifaux

I painted my flesh construct for Nicodems crew (Malifaux) to gaming standard last night. This is how he turned out. The miniature is packed with tiny little details, and the end result was ok. I mixed a bit of green into he´s skin and the end result was a kind of rotten yellow skin. That I really liked. I fell like a kind of rush my Malifaux minis now since I´m really want to take them to a game (hate playing with unpainted minis). Next to come for Malifaux is some Necropunks and some Rotten belles. Then I will start to build and paint the Rasputina box!
Untill next time, happy painting!

tisdag 1 maj 2012

Spring clean and looking forward

Today is the first of may and time to take a slight look backwards and then focusing on the future.
First a slight look forward. I cleaned my painting area today, it was so messy I could hardly find any place to put my minis or brushes. So with a "fresh" start, maybe the future gets brighter!

Last month I gave myself a paintingquest and had a pretty long list of minis that I had planed to paint.
Let´s take a look at that list.

Death Korps of Krieg deathraider on displaybase
Nurgle lord on displaybase
Pan on displaybase

Cryx Slayer
Cryx Warwith Deneghra
Cryx Warwitch siren
Cryx Cankerworm
Cryx Wreckmarken (build from an old Deathripepr)
2 Cryx Stalker (only one is assembled and primed)
Deathripper, still in bare metall pieces

A space wolves/tyranid diorama
5 Ork kommandos

3 Samuraj Punk zombies
3 Mindless zombies
Grave spirit

So, what can I tell you about my quest, well it pretty much failed. But I did paint some of the minis on the list. What I have consider to be done.

Deneghra (only to a TT standard, but that´s ok with me, I really hate that mini...)
5 Ork kommandos and nob
Most of the Malifaux miniatures, all but the Grave spirit!

So with that in mind, what do I plan to paint during this month?
Space wolves/tyranid diorama
5 Deatch company marines
Deatch company Dreadnought

Nurgle lord on displaybase

Flesh construct
3st Necropunks


This might be a bit more realistic, some of the items on my last list is off this list even if they are not painted. Why?  Well, some items have been hanging around with just a little paint on them for over a year, I have a hard time trying to paint them. But I´ll try to find the feeling for them again and do a stroke of paint here and there with no pressure. Then they might get done sometimes;)

With that said it´s time for some WIP pictures. First out is the sergeant for my Death company.
 And a very early WIP on the Flesh construct for Malifaux.
And at last (so I will cover three gaming systems) a WIP on a Warwitch siren for my Cryx.
Untill next time, happy painting!