söndag 20 maj 2012

The Fang 2012, Stockholm is over

The Fang Stockholm 2012 was held at the Games Workshop store and now the event/competition is over. There were a lot of really well painted miniatures entered this year, I heard it was about 150 entries and all of them held a very good quality.
So how did I do at the competition? Very well I tell you, much over my highest expectations. I actually placed myself in four categorys!

Duell - first place with my "Tyranid attack".
 Warhammer fantasy single miniature - Second place with my Chaos sorcerer.
Wh40k Vheicle - Third place with my Death company Dreadnought.
Open category - Third place with my Nurgle lord.

This made me very happy since I never expected to get in the top three with any of my entries when I entered them. So, did I tell hyou that I cellebrated last night? No? Well, I did!;)

What´s next in the pipeline then? Well, some flesh teares are primed and waiting for me to start them, and a Whirlwind as well, yeah and another Dreadnought! Then there is my expanding collection of Malifaux miniatures, some Warmachine and a Studio McVey miniature! These are part of my personal collection, then I have a comission coming up soon.

Untill next time, happy painting!

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