torsdag 30 december 2010

A fantastic tip!

I just wanted to share a fantastic blog with you, it´s filled with many really good painting tutorials and I know that I will use that blog as an inspiration for my developing as a miniature painter.
It´s Massive Voodoo it´s a blog where a group of painters write about there projects and also share som tutorials and videoguides. It´s a fantastic initiative and although I just found it a few weeks ago, I have learned a lot from it!
This is part one in a blending tutorial, I can highly recommend it!

lördag 25 december 2010

Building a Wartrakk, or is it going to be a Nob bike?

Today I started to build a Wartrakk out of a Deffkopta and an old Wartrakk, but as the work progress I´m starting to thinkt that it might end up as an Nob on a bike instead. I´ll post som very early WIP on the project. Why don´t you help me decide how this is going to end, a wartrakk or an Nob on a bike?

I´m planning to have tracks at the back of of the bike, at the moment I´m not sure how the front will look, wheel or tracks in front is the question.
I most point out that this isn´t the final design, the track is just fixed with blue-tac for this shoot. the tracks will probably be repositioned later, this is just to show you something about my idea. It might be a bit unplanned to start a conversion without knowing the rresult, but I had a few Deffkoptas that I ´m wasn´t going to use so a gave it a shoot.

torsdag 23 december 2010

Merry X-mas!

I just wanted to say merry X- mas to all of you!
Here in Sweden we don´t have polar bears walking the streets, but we do have kneedeep snow and today at X- mas morning only about -15degrees (that´s Celcius). So from Sweden to the rest of the world, merry X- mas and hope that will santa bring you lot´s of miniatures;)
Untill next time, happy painting!

tisdag 21 december 2010


I have heard a lot of good things about Warmachine from Privateer press. Warmachine is a miniature based strategy game, but with bouth miniatures and cards (a bit like Wh40k I suppose) who takes place in a steampunk world. I got a bit curious about it and since I wanted to try something new I plan to buy a model just for fun and paint it up. At this moment I´ll just going to chose a model I think will be fun to paint and If I like the model, I´ll give the game a shot!
Anyone tried Warmachine and do your recommend it?

Untill nex time, happy painting!

fredag 10 december 2010

New recruits

My Bad moons have got reinforcement by a Big Mek With Kustom force field, I finished him yesterday (at least I think i´m done...) maybe I just make some improvement on the base, we´ll see. On this big mek I used the weathering technic I described in me last post. What do you think, does he need som improvement on anything? Maybe you got some cool ideas for the base? Let me know!
Until next time, happy painting!

onsdag 8 december 2010

Weathering yellow

For my Bad Moon orks I start the yellow with Ilyaden Darsun over a black undercoat. I then wash with Devlan mud and repaint the area with Ilyaden darksun leaving Devlan mud where I want my shadows. Next step is to do a highlight using VMC Sand yellow. I use bright highlights for this step, it will look fine as soon as the weathering is done. So, now our yellow is ready for weathering!
Step 1
I start with VGC Dark Fleshtone and a spunge (I used one who came in a blisterpack). I wipe of almost all the paint from the spunge and then I lightly press it against the surface. By making small motions I can control the pattern better.
Step 2
I mix 1.1 VMC Oily Steel with black and repeat the first step, try to get the metalpaint in the  same area. You could do this with a staplerbrush, but I think the spunge works well.
Step 3
Next thing to do is to take some Orange Rust pigments (I use pigments from Forge world, but any brand will do I suppose) and apply it with a brush where you think the rust should be. Don´t be shy on the pigments, you can always remove some later if it get´s to much.
Step 4
For next step I use Dark earth pigments (also from Forge World) and Applied it on the areas I figure that dirt would be. Mostly at the lower half of the armor.
Step 5
I use Black soot pigments and spot it randomly on the armor using a brush.
Step 6 (can be skipped)
I did some randomly parts with Ash grey pigments (from Forge World). About half of the time I skip this step, because it will look fine without it.
Step 7
I took VMC Oily steel and applied it on the parts of the steel color that have been to dark. This is also a choice of taste, do what you think would look best.

So, now you should have a miniature with fine looking weathering and this took me all about 10 minutes at top. Good luck and hope that you liked my step- by- step guide to how I weathering yellow.

Please note! It have come to my attention when applying varnish straight over the pigments the varnish may change the apperance of the pigments. Now, I usually dont varnish my models, but if you want to do so you might get around the problem by applying a coat of varnish after step 2 and then finish with another layer of varnish after the last step.

Until next time, happy painting!