lördag 25 december 2010

Building a Wartrakk, or is it going to be a Nob bike?

Today I started to build a Wartrakk out of a Deffkopta and an old Wartrakk, but as the work progress I´m starting to thinkt that it might end up as an Nob on a bike instead. I´ll post som very early WIP on the project. Why don´t you help me decide how this is going to end, a wartrakk or an Nob on a bike?

I´m planning to have tracks at the back of of the bike, at the moment I´m not sure how the front will look, wheel or tracks in front is the question.
I most point out that this isn´t the final design, the track is just fixed with blue-tac for this shoot. the tracks will probably be repositioned later, this is just to show you something about my idea. It might be a bit unplanned to start a conversion without knowing the rresult, but I had a few Deffkoptas that I ´m wasn´t going to use so a gave it a shoot.

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