lördag 6 juli 2013

Chaos Renegede Militia first WIP

This post is all about a Chaos Renegede Militia command squad from Forge World that I got my hand´s on over six months ago. I figure that it was time for them to get some paint so I started. sometimes I just need´s to do one of this thing´s to get some pice of mind...

My first intention was to get all armourplates dirty and rusty, but then my eye´s fell on a old paintbottle from GW, the Hawk turqouise, now I´m not sure anymore what to do. If you have any idea about the rusty metal or the turqouise armour, drop me a line.

Now it´s time to get to the pictures!
The first Chaos renegedes first WIP and some primed bases.
Untill next time, happy painting!

fredag 5 juli 2013

A small sign of life

It was literally ages ago since I wrote something on this blog. Since I´ve done pretty much something at all to be true. Lack of inspiration and personal stuff had to take time and I can only hope that inspiration and peace of mind can continue from this point.

I took some time and finished some details on some old minis and even started something new. So, what do you say, enough talking and time to see some pictures?

First out is the Imperial palace guard bust from Forged monkey. I still have some small things I want to add and even redo the eye´s on the mini. But for now she will take a break in my cabinet.

Here is the limited edition Wood elves standard bearer for Warhammer fantasy, since last I have only added some markings on the flag. I think it look´s pretty good right now. the miniature was fun to paint, and since the miniature is a one cast piece in metal it is pretty heavy for a miniatuer of that scale.

Next up is some Warhammer Fantasy miniatures (well, not only miniatures from GW, but close enough).
First up is some Wardancer, almost done but I will add some tattos and fix some minor things before the got a nice coat of varnish.

And last of the Wood elves is the old character Skaw the Falconer, still WIP but the miniature will be done during this weekend.

Untill next time, happy painting!