måndag 7 maj 2012

New picture Chaos sorcerer and some WIPs

Today I thought that I would share some WIP´s on a few of my projects. But first is a new picture of the Chaos sorcerer (GW) that i posted some time ago.
'And some WH40k projects, first a WIP shoot on my Death companys with jump packs.
And I wanted to give them a Dreadnought as well, but I have always thougt that the Dreadnought´s looks to tiny and static. So I made him a bit bigger. Looks ok I think and hopefully it will look great once he get´s painted.
And at last...a WIP shoot of a Ice gaming from Malifaux. Still eraly in the progress, but if I´ll the find the "flow" I have a feeling that this one will be great.
 That´s all for now...
Untill next time, happy painting!

6 kommentarer:

  1. Really like the ice gamin so far, nice highlights, those big contrasts between layers suit this mini perfectly. I'm thinking about getting the Rasputina crew for myself one day and pics like this encourage me to place an order ;)

  2. Nice job dude, the golum looks a lot better then the ones i did.
    @Viruk do you think that i can take part of your blogg roll?

  3. Sure thing, just let me know which of the blogs you have you'd like me to add there.

    1. awsome man and a big thx.

      my blog is: http://muffinshappycorner.blogspot.se/

      I have added you to my roll now.


  4. OK, it's added, some nice stuff you got there, I'll be following your blog with keen interest.

    1. thx a lot man and the same for me. there where a lot of cool stuff on your blog as well. Iv spent all evening now reading and finding a lot of inspiration to paint.