fredag 18 maj 2012

The Fang 2012

I decided to take part in this years The Fang painting competition in Stockholm. I left my entries there today and tomorrow I will know how it went. I did well last year, but I don´t excpect it to go the same way since I rushed the painting. But who cares, I paint for fun and for myself. Then it´s a bonus that I actually finish some models for my Flesh tearers (I guess they would still be on sprue otherwise).
I took part in seven categoris, yes seven. It´s pure madness I know, but there was so much to choose from and I couldn´t decide so I did almost all of them...I suppose I would have got better looking minis if I only hade choose one or two, but again. I paint for myself and sometimes I need a deadline to get something done...
Here are a few pictures of some of my entries.
First up is a Treeman for the monster category.
Then a Nurgle lord for the open category.
 Some Deatha company marines for wh40k squad. The pic isn´t as sharp as I would have asked it to be, but I´ll take a better one later.
My Death company Dreadnought for the Wh40k vehicle category. This mini was painted in less then 10h, I think it was about 8-9h of painting from start to finish.

And my entery for the duel category, Tyranid attack. It´s hard to take pictures with so much white in it, but again, I´ll try again later.
I also entered the Chaos sorcerer and Lemartes but I was in a hurry and didn´t took any pictures of them, but I have showed them off earlier.

I let you know tomorrow how it went.
Untill next time, happy painting!

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