tisdag 1 maj 2012

Spring clean and looking forward

Today is the first of may and time to take a slight look backwards and then focusing on the future.
First a slight look forward. I cleaned my painting area today, it was so messy I could hardly find any place to put my minis or brushes. So with a "fresh" start, maybe the future gets brighter!

Last month I gave myself a paintingquest and had a pretty long list of minis that I had planed to paint.
Let´s take a look at that list.

Death Korps of Krieg deathraider on displaybase
Nurgle lord on displaybase
Pan on displaybase

Cryx Slayer
Cryx Warwith Deneghra
Cryx Warwitch siren
Cryx Cankerworm
Cryx Wreckmarken (build from an old Deathripepr)
2 Cryx Stalker (only one is assembled and primed)
Deathripper, still in bare metall pieces

A space wolves/tyranid diorama
5 Ork kommandos

3 Samuraj Punk zombies
3 Mindless zombies
Grave spirit

So, what can I tell you about my quest, well it pretty much failed. But I did paint some of the minis on the list. What I have consider to be done.

Deneghra (only to a TT standard, but that´s ok with me, I really hate that mini...)
5 Ork kommandos and nob
Most of the Malifaux miniatures, all but the Grave spirit!

So with that in mind, what do I plan to paint during this month?
Space wolves/tyranid diorama
5 Deatch company marines
Deatch company Dreadnought

Nurgle lord on displaybase

Flesh construct
3st Necropunks


This might be a bit more realistic, some of the items on my last list is off this list even if they are not painted. Why?  Well, some items have been hanging around with just a little paint on them for over a year, I have a hard time trying to paint them. But I´ll try to find the feeling for them again and do a stroke of paint here and there with no pressure. Then they might get done sometimes;)

With that said it´s time for some WIP pictures. First out is the sergeant for my Death company.
 And a very early WIP on the Flesh construct for Malifaux.
And at last (so I will cover three gaming systems) a WIP on a Warwitch siren for my Cryx.
Untill next time, happy painting!

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