lördag 12 januari 2013

The year 2013 and a small walk down memory lane

2012 was not a good year if you think about my post´s on this blog. Irregular and with long time between the post´s. Still I have a few readers checking in to see if there is something new. To you, thank you! You are the main reason for me to keep this blog instead of just leting it slowly die.

So what have been the up´s for me during 2012? Well, mainly two thing´s when it comes to minipainting. At first there was a miniature painting contest held by GW Stockholm called The Fang 2012. I ended up with placing among the top three in four category´s.
3:rd place, open category with my Nurgle Lord
3:rd place 40k veichle with my Death comapany dreadnought
2:nd place in Warhammer fantasy single miniature with my chaos sorcerer
1:st place in Duel with my Space woves/Tyranid piece.
Pic´s of my entries can be found HERE.

But the thing that has left me with most joy this year (minirelated, and also apliable in my every day) was a trip to Versailles, France for the Massive Voodoo painting class. I still think about that weekend with a smile, a big thank´s to all the wonderfull people I meet there! When I write those word´s it strikes me that I never posted the blog post about the MV painting class...maybe I´ll post the report from that weekend later (since most of it was writen, just never posted...silly me).

So, with a glimpse back at the past year minirelated, it have been both up´s and down´s. Lacking inspiration/motivation and with to much in the real world to deal with did it´s inpact´s on my painting. For a long time, I couldn´t paint at all. Now I feel like taking control of my life again and do the stuff I really want to do!
This lead´s me into another thing...from now on and for some time time I won´t accept any new commissions. I have a few project´s who is ongoing and to you, don´t worry, I´ll finish it! And I will dedicate almost all of my spare time to get those project´s done so you don´t have to waint any longer. You have been extremely patient. Wich I am thankfull for, it will also be seen on your miniatures.

With this said, I´m a bit relifed and also a bit sad but I must do what´s best for me and painting on the clock can be stressfull and take away the joy of painting.

As I end this first post of 2013 I won´t promise more and regular updates on this blog, but I will surely try!

Untill next time, happy painting!

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  1. Will you stop doing commissions permanently or just for the time being? I was very much hoping I could hire you in the future to paint Mortarion of the Death Guard (when he's released by FW). :/ Anyhow, looking forward to seeing more updates!

  2. Den här kommentaren har tagits bort av skribenten.

  3. No, I will just do a stop for a few month´s. But if it´s just a single miniature or a few, like five or so drop me a line and we will take it from there, Mortarion would sure be nice;) There will hopefully be an update during this weekend with some project´s...

  4. Alright sounds good, I'll get in touch when I get my hands on Mortarion. :)