fredag 4 april 2014

RIP Paint´s and stuff...

I´m a bit sad.
But also a bit relifed to tell you that Paint´s and stuff will be put to sleep. It will not come as any surprise I guess, since the blog has been rather dead the past year. Still it feels right to speak it out officially.

There are several reasons for this, one of them is that the purpose of this blog has changed and since I look at this miniature hobby with different eye´s today I also feels like I needs to do a change.
Another reason is that I don´t find the time to paint as easily now day´s and less time to write about it. So managing this blog alone was not an option.
And last. I have been invated since some time back to be part of the site and since I don´t have to take full responsibility for that site it was a fair deal for me. 

I have had some really great moment with this site and it has been an important part of my life, but as life goes on so does the blog. This will mean that i will still tries to post pic´s and write a word or two, just at another webite. So, I kindly invite everyone to the site to read more about what me and my dear friend Lars have been up to and what we will do in the future.

With all of my heart, thank you all for a great time. Every one of you who have read something I wrote is important to me. Thank you!

There will be no next time (here), but happy painting and please visit

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