söndag 21 november 2010


I thought that I should post a pic of my workspace. It´s not a fancy hobby area just a small corner in our studyroom. Most of my stuff is stored in boxes and on shelves (because of small children).

I have most experience working with GW´s colors but I recently started to exchange all my colors for Vallejo´s since I really liked how they turned out and they are cheaper!
I recently bought the Panzer color paint sett from Vallejo. I really like them, but th Oily Steel paint (something like chainmail from GW) is not working out the way I want. I covers poorly when I thin it down, maybe I just got a bad copy? I will continue to buy some mettalics from Vallejo and see how they work out, othervise I switch back to GW´s mettalics.

If anyone have any good experience in Vallejo´s mettalics let me know. I maybe just using it wrong. Or if you know any brand who has metallics that just knock you down, let me know!
Until next time...happy painting everyone!

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