tisdag 10 maj 2011

The call of the wild

Ok, I have decided to do a mission impossible...while doing some comissionwork I will at the very same time enter The Fang at Games workshop Stockholm. I decided to go for Warhammer fantasy regiment wich is just plain stupid as;
one, I didn´t have any fantasy- models (at least not a whole regiment).
Two, I don´t even play warhammer fantasy...
Three, where should I find the time to do this entry?
Four, I decided to do a blog project out of it.

Well...I bought 8 second handed Wood elf dryads throu Tradera (as Ebay) and I got them yesterday. Last night I start working on them and I took som pics while working.
First pic is when I just opened the box.(I won´t do any photo mambo jambo at this stage as I need that time to finish this project).
Next step was to remove the Dryads from ther bases and take care of mould lines and start doing some basing. Mouldlines done, and basing begun.

Basing is done now when sand was added to the bases.
All that was left was to attached the Dryads to their base.

Sine I use both black and white while priming, I give you two pics on the primed Dryads.
The whole group of dryads again.
The first four will be these.
so what else can I say than pure madness...
Untill next time, happy painting! and stay sane...

2 kommentarer:

  1. De var ju inte alls så tokiga de där figurerna.
    Skall bli intressant att se vad du gör med dem.

  2. Ja, idag har det inte hänt mycket med dem, men stenarna har fått lite mossa...inte mycket men alltid något!