lördag 10 mars 2012

Just a desk

Or is it? Is the place where the magic happens just a desk, a upside down box or is it a whole hobby area? I thought about it today and realize that, yes, I would like some more space, and most of all a window. Right now my desk is in a walk-in closet. Kind of stick to this hobby right, in the closet?:)

And speaking of that, how do you feel about your hobby? Is it the first thing you talk about in a new workplace, at the bar or in school? Me myself is rather open with my hobby and have no problem talking about it at work, or with new people. I know some hobbyist that´s hiding all hobby stuff and never speaks about it outside of there hobby range, just becase some might think they just playing with toys. Well, if this is playing with toy´s, I´m proud of playing with toy´s.

To finish this of, I snapped som pics from my desk and some Space wolves I´m doing right now.

 Untill next time, happy painting!

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