fredag 30 mars 2012

Making a snow base in less than five minutes

I got a request on making a step-by-step guide on the bases I did on the Space wolves. It´s actually quite simple, here it is!

Black (any brand will do, just make sure it´s not glossy)
Calthan brown (GW) or any similar brown.
Graveyard earth (GW)
Black grey (VMC)
Ironhull grey (P3)
Stone grey (VMC) - actually one of my favourite colors.

Basing material
Bark and cork
White glue
Winter turf (from the army painter)
Sodium (get it at your grosery store)
some old brushes.

Step 1:
Take some small pieces of bark and/or cork and glue it to the base using superglue. This will be rocks later.
When the glue is dry take some white glue and thin it with some water. I usually go somewhere around 1:2 glue and water. Now cover the rest of the base with the glue and dip the base in some sand. Leave it to dry.

When the base is dry take and old soft brush and whipe of the sand and dust not seated with the glue. Paint the entire base black.

Do a heavy drybrush (or wetbrush) with Calthan brown ocher the parts that´s not rocks. don´t worry if you get some brown on the base, not all rocks are entire grey if you look´s at one.

Step 4:
Do a drybrush over the brown using Graveyard earth.

Paint the rocks using Black grey, I paint rather carelessly at this step as some grey on the earth gives it more depth.

Step 6:
Take a 1:1 mix of black grey and Ironhull grey and drybrush the rocks. Repeat this step with pure Ironhull grey and pick out the edges.

Step 7:
Take some Stonegrey and drybrush the edges of the stone and then some of the earth as well. do it randomly at the eart to give it some more life.

Step 8:
Take small clutches of Winter turf and glue it to the base usin superglue. Thin down some white glue using water, only this time make it really thin. I use something like 1:5 glue and water at this step. I apply the glue/water mix randomly using an old brush where I want the snow to be. Now sprinkel the Sodium on the base and then shake of the rest. Leave it to dry.
Now you got some good looking snow bases ready fore the battlefield (you can apply some varnish before they go to battle, but do it lightly).
 Untill next time, happy painting!

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  1. Very nice, I really like the look of the final base.
    Ron, FTW

  2. Thank you Ron! It means a lot coming from you:)