torsdag 14 juni 2012

Burna bommer and Deff dread WIP1

I just started to build a Deff dread and a Burna bommer as a comission. They will go tot the same person who now has my Orks (I sold them, summer is comming, money is low...). When I first opened the box for the Ork flyer I realize that "Wow, this thing is huge!" and I must say...Orks will always gives me joy to paint. I have actually already started think about a new Ork army...but Evil sunz this time, who doesn´t love speed and huge vehicles with lot´s of dakka?
Besides from that, I´m ready to do the last tuch up on the Earth reborn miniatures I recently painted (also a comission) and now I´m currently waiting for some miniatures to drop in my mailbox so I can finish the diorama project.
But now, two small WIP pictures of the Burna bommers driver and the Deff dread.

Untill next time, happy painting!

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