söndag 25 november 2012

Sunday update

When this weekend finaly came I had planned for a all weekend painting frenzy, the god´s of colors had other plans...I spent almost the entire weekend in bed with a cold from hell, could hardly stand up without the evil God of Darkness, Mr. Mouldline banged on my had with a hammer the size of a space shuttle... Still last night I could paint for an hour or so, not much but better then nothing. On the bright side, I did got a few new ideas, my mind might be clouded with fever so I have to wait and see how "good" the ideas are as soon as I get well again.

Needing some air I did a few photos of some of my projects.
First a Salamander dreadnoughts, I still need to do some touch up´s on the green, got a bad bottle of blue wash from Vallejo witch left a few whithe spots where there was blue when the was was wet. Anyone else got the same issues?

 Now on to some fantasy stuff...first there is Ar- fienel who will be part of a Wood elves army. Still early WIP, but the quality of the mini is so great I have to show it anyway.

 After Ar- fienel there will be a battle standard for the army, just primed at the moment.
And at last,something for myself. I started this mini a few weeks ago, but I havent paintied anything on him for a while (basicly it´s just two hours or so of painting and then he has been standing on my shelf for some time. Hopefully I will have the inspiration to finish him as sson as the Salamanders and Wood elves are done.

Untill next time, happy painting!

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