lördag 26 februari 2011

Making a base using water effect

I thought I would show you how I made a base using water effect from Vallejo. This water effect should be transparent when dried. For this base I was aiming for water similar to swamp.
Step 1
I started to build my base using some bark and sand mixed with white glue.

Step 2
When compleately dry I used VMC Stone grey and went over the base with a heavy drybrush. I took VGC Dark flesh and brushed over the parts I wanted to be coverd by the water effect. Then I did some strokes using VMC Olive green. I make sure at the part where the water meets the land retains the basic color (Dark flesh) to illustrate the wet sand/dirt. Now stroke a thin layer of water effect on the part where the water is supposed to be, leave for at least 24h to dry.

Step 3
After 24h and a final drybrush with VMC Stone grey mixed with a little white (about 3:1 ratio). The water effect shrinks a bit when it dries so you might want to use two thin coats instead on one. In this picture you can se that it has shrinked a bit comparing to step 2, but it still looks ok. Now all thats left is to maybe put some more colour on the base and maybe some static grass of your choice and paint the edges of the base black.

Untill next time, happy painting

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