tisdag 1 februari 2011


I was planning to write a piece about tools. As a wargamer you use a lot of tools. It could be clippers, tweezers, saws, brushes, different sets of files, glue, knives and so on and on.
A while ago I bought some modelling tools and files from The Army painter. I haven´t really used any files before, I just use to take my scalpel and cut away any mold lines. But that was before...today I use my files at almost every painting session. 95% of all moldlines are now removed by the files comparing to before when I removed every mold line with my scalpel. Files, can´t go without them! And the sculpting tools, well they were a lot cheaper then compareble sculpting tools from other companys and for my needs they works just fine. So, next time I´m thinking about buying some tools...make sure you consider the Army painter too!

Untill next time, happy painting

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