måndag 31 januari 2011

February painting list

ok, so with February already begun it´s time to decide on this months painting list. I have a lot´s of things that needs to be painted so I think I´ll just list my Orks in this post. Mainly because I´ll have to finish them in a few weeks. I´m planning to take them to battle in about 5 weeks. Lot´s to be done, so without any futher delay...

* At least 10 Árd boyz
* My third Deffkopta
* One ork kannon (kill kannon from FW will be used as a kannon)
* One more AoBR nob
* One more shoota boy (will increase the squad up to a size of 12 inlcuding a nob)
* One Killa kan

This will be my first prio, I´ll hope I will put more items on this list but at the moment I´ll only put the items I´m sure I´ll have time to finish.

Untill next time, happy painting!

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