lördag 1 januari 2011

A new year with new challanges and expectations

when I woke up this morning it was 2011, a new year who can be filled with new challanges and expectations, so what can we hope for and what will happen? As this blog id dedicated for the hobby of wargaming and miniature painting (been mostly painting so far) I thought that I will write a few words about what I hope for in 2011.

I hope that I will be able to combine the life of a father, family man, career and a painter. And how will that be possible all you wotking parents say? Honestly, I don´t know but I´ll sure give it a try and if I find the magic recipe, I´ll let you all know!

Apart from that I´ll hope that I will be able to join a wh40k turnament with my Orks (hopfully they will be finished by then) and I´ll hope that my painting skill will improve and lastly I´ll hope that I´ll find more interesting miniature games.

So without futher delay I´ll start my new life with making breakfast for my family, the rest will hopefully came later.
Happy new year and may all you wishes come true!

Untill next time, happy painting

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