onsdag 14 december 2011

Deneghra WIP

Yesterday I started to paint the Warcaster for my Cryx, Deneghra. Since I already hade based and primed her it was straight to buisness with the painting. I wanted to her to have a the "Cryxian green" feeling on the clothes, so I started with a black base and then added green, and later on Stone grey (VMC) to the mix to get it a bit colder. I will probably do some more work on the robe when I see how the skin and armour turns out.

The spear just got some black and Boltgun metal (GW) on the top. I will add som washes and highligt later on. I gave the armout thre coats of wash, started with Black shade (VMC), followed by Gyrophone sepia (GW) and then an really old ink from GW, purple (it´s from the early -90´s).
Anyway, a WIP and hopefully I will be able to get this mini done by tonight.
Untill next time, happy painting!

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