torsdag 8 december 2011

Lot´s of stuff on my desk

Tonight was a night without painting, but insted I did a lot of priming, basing and so on, the other part of the hobby!
Here are some photos of what´s in the pipeline!
First out is 9 Death company marines for my Flesh tearers army. I bought them secon handed so today I just removed them from their bases, cleaned up some mould lines and drilled the pipes a bit more, then they got stuck to their new base.

Next thing is some minis for Warmachine/Cryx that I just based and primed. I like the feeling of WM so hopefully they will get som paint once I have finished my two first squads of Fleshtearers (tacticals and scouts).

At last are some minis for a gamed called Fury of Dracula, they are fun, but small:) I´ll even give you a pic with one of the FoD minis next to a space marine, for comparision.
And that´s all for tonight folk!
Untill next time, happy painting!

2 kommentarer:

  1. I like the bases on the marines. I do mine very similarly. I think all of the extra bits (especially the barbed wire) add a lot of character to the base.

    The chainsword angle of the guy in the top picture standing in the middle looks a little off. I love the dynamic poses you have the models in, but this one hand looks a little off. I realize that you didn't do it, but a bit of work might make a difference to the finished unit. Not sure if you wanted suggestions, just thought I would chime in though.

  2. Cameron: I agree with you about the chainsword, it get´s a bit wors with that photo angel, but I will try to reposition it. Any suggestion is always welcomed!:)