tisdag 3 april 2012

Quest for April?

I put togheter some of my project´s that have been waiting for to long time to be finished (and some other things to) and placed them on my painting desk. The quest for April has begun, to finish as much of this as posible (or rather all of them).

So a list of what to be painted.

Death Korps of Krieg deathraider on displaybase
Nurgle lord on displaybase
Pan on displaybase

Cryx Slayer
Cryx Warwith Deneghra
Cryx Warwitch siren
Cryx Cankerworm
Cryx Wreckmarken (build from an old Deathripepr)
2 Cryx Stalker (only one is assembled and primed)
Deathripper, still in bare metall pieces

A space wolves/tyranid diorama
5 Ork kommandos

3 Samuraj Punk zombies
3 Mindless zombies
Grave spirit

As you can se there is alot of different miniatures to be painted and since I almost never just do one mini at the time (I rather paint on 5 or so at the moment) it will be a real challange to see if I can get any of them done;) Oh! I almost forgot, not seen in the pic, but there is also almost 2000pts of Blood angels/Space marines that will be my flesh tearers army....but most of them are still on sprues...
Maybe if I manage to do this, I can allow myself to open one of many, many minis still in boxes!

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  1. coola bananer att se allt du sitter och jobbar med. du jag skulle behöva din mail adress jag har en snubbe som behöver ltie saker upp målade. maila mig eller sms`a mig din mail. så att jag kan vidabefodra honom.

    gött att se dig måla igen, jag kommer att posta lite CSM terminators om någon dag plus lite andra saker. sen så har jag en satans massa IG att jobba med. så det kommer inte vara mycket tid att blogga för min del nästa vecka.

    hör av dig senarast kompis

    kram muffin