onsdag 18 april 2012

Random WIP´s

I thought I would post some WIP pictures on some of my projects. This time it´s no Malifaux;) First out is a Space wolves terminator I´m doing as a part of a special project.
 And what kind of Space wolves would leave the winter? Here is a WIP on his base... Front first.
And back.
And at last I got my first LotR miniature from GW yesterday, Aragorn. At first the mini looked ok, but at a closer examination, lack of details on his face! All other parts were about as I expected, but the face surprised me. Anyway, 2-2,5h later this is how he look. Still WIP, but I hope I can do something even if the face disapointed me.

Untill next time, happy painting!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hi I think you paint scheme is beautiful, how do you do your spacewolves armor.

  2. Thank´s Barjack! If I remember right, the base of the power armour is a mix of Black grey (VMC)
    Black brown (VMC)
    Imperial blue (VGC)
    Black (VMC)
    I don´t have the exact ratios but something take most of the grey and then just add small amounts ot the other color untill you got a nice blue/grey color. The shadowns were painted rather then washed in 4 steps. Use the base mix and add more blue to the mix for every shadow untill you reached your last shadow, then add a little bit of black.
    The higlights were done by adding Stone grey (VMC) and a bit of Ironhull grey (P3) to the mix.
    I really have to start writing down some recipes...

  3. woot going to try this when i get off work Thanks!