torsdag 12 april 2012

Nurgle lord and some Malifaux

It was a long time ago I posted anything on the Nurgle lord/champion. Telling the truth that mini has been standing on my shelf for to long time and I kind of lost intrest in him. Today I cut out some plasticard to attach on his base. I started to paint these and I guess they need some more work, but it was a big step for me accepting that he will be done soon. I think I will give him about 1 h more some day. But for now he´s going back to the shelf.

I also brought a mindless zombie and Nicodem for my Malifaux crew to gaming standard. My goal there is to give my minis paint to gaming standard quick so I can bring them to the gaming table. I really hate to play with unpainted minis and in a strange way unpainted miniatures give me bad luck. I guss that´s the gaming gods telling me to paint more;)
 I realize from the pic of the Mindless zombie that he looks rather messy out, that´s not really the case when holding the mini. But seeing this pic i might give him another 30minutes to make hime looks better.

And at last a WIP on Mortimer.
Untill next time, happy painting!

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  1. I really like your style, great dark-looking minis. I will be following your blog with keen interest. Keep up the great work!