torsdag 19 juli 2012

Cult of December

Since I will have one of my rare occations actually gaming this weekend I wanted to paint a new crew for Malifaux. I went for Rasputina and the cult of December. I didn´t spend more than 25-30h on the miniatures, and that´s including removing mouldlines, basing and so on. All in all I think that they turned out great and it will be fun to put them on the table this weekend.
I went for a rather limited palette, using the blue/turqouise color to bind them all together, it work´s for me at least.
And also a close up on Rasputina and the Ice golem. I glazed the Ice golem with toruqouise ink since the last pic, and I like the result. Seeing the picture I see that I was a bit cheap with some highlights, but it work´s for now.
Untill next time, happy painting!

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