onsdag 2 mars 2011

Some projects

Right now I got several projects I want to paint, and it´s hard to decide what to do first and it means that I paint several different things at once. Ok, I get some variations in my painting but it takes forever to build a force of some kind (if you are a wargamer, that is). Anywa, enought rambling! Here are some things on workbench at the moment. I dont see any need for individual shoots at the moment since it´s only the basic colors on alla models except the shoota boy and the Árd boy who I just begun doing the weathering process on.

More pics and a few updats comming shortly.

Untill next time, happy painting!

3 kommentarer:

  1. snygg jobbat, hur har du måla ben ansiktet?

  2. Jag använder mig av fyra färger när jag målar ben på det där sättet, VGC Negro black 72051, VMC Chocolat brown 70872, VMC Stone grey 70884 och VMC White 70951. Jag börjar med svart följt av brun (lämnar svart lite svart för som den djupaste skugga). Sedan tar jag 2:1 av brun och grå, följt av ren grå. Jag avslutar med 1.1 grå och vit och tar ren vit vid behov om jag vill ha fram en extrem highlight.

    I use four colors when I paint bones like that, VGC Negro black 72 051, VMC Chocolat Brown 70 872, VMC Stone Grey 70 884 and VMC White 70951. I start with black, followed by brown (I left some black for deepest shadows). Then I take a 2:1 of brown and grey, followed by pure grey. I finish with 1.1 grey and white and takes pure white, if necessary, if I wants an extreme highlight.

    Maybe I should do a how I paint bone?

  3. that would be awsome man, i will soon post some tuts on my blog. about how to strip models and make your own wet pallet. and some paint tutorials as well on how i paint my nidez. that is coming next month