söndag 27 mars 2011

Basing: Doing a industrial/mesh base

Today I will show you a way to do some industrial/mesh bases for your miniatures, in the past I did one on weathering yellow and now it´s time for another. For this tutorial I took a 50mm round base from GW (but It will work on any other base).
First of all you will be needing some tulle, superglue, a base (of course), a scalpel and a pair of scissors.
For painting the base I used,
Dark Flesh (VMC)
Tinny tin (VGC)
Boltgun metal (GW)
Gunmetal metal (VGC)
Mithril silver (GW).
Besides that I used three kinds of pigments,
Orange rust (Forge world)
Dark earth (forge world)
Rubbel dust (MIG).
Step 1
Take a piece of tulle and cut it to the right shape, don´t worry if its not correct, we will fix that later. Now take some superglue and put it on the base, use an old pice of card or something to spread it over the base. Now put on the tulle and carefully use the card to press it against the base. Be carefull not to glue the card as well. Leave this to dry for a while, go grab some coffe!

Step 2.
Take your scalpel and trim the edges of the tulle so it fits to the base.

Step 3.
Paint the entire base with black.

Step 4.
I use Darke flesh from VGC and staple it onto the base.

Step 5.
I repeat step 4 but this time with Tanny tin.

Step 6.
Staple some Boltgun metal onto the base.

Step 7. Drybrush the base using Gunmetal metal.

Step 8. Pick out the finest highlight using Mithrill silver from GW.

Step 9.
Bring out your pigments! I started by brushing Orange rust over the base, here it´s a matter of what you think looks good.

Step 10.
I brushed Dark earth over the base, be carefull not to overdo it.

Step 11.
This is the last step and I took som Rubbel dust and carefully applied on the base. I only did some Rubbel dust on one part of the base to make it look more interesting.

Hope this tutorial was helpfull! This base took about 5-10min to do if you exlude the drying time and is beside the cost of paints and pigments almost free. The tulle can be bought for almost nothing at any store selling fabric.
Untill next time, happy painting!

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