onsdag 13 april 2011

Necrotech and Grey knights wip

The progress on my Necrotech is really slow, last night I painted the first layer of paint on his weapon and started on the "tubes" on his side. I will try to make them look like "worms". As for the base I will be adding some more detail, but try not to do "to much", still want a clean look. The shaft for the weapon will be red to contrast the grey mini and base. I think I need some color on the base, not sure what yet. Well it will get to me in time:)

Apart from my Crys who I have put on a bit of hold at the moment are the Grey knights (I will still paint one or two, but I haven´t planned to finish them untill the GK are done are ). The first squad are basecoated and based. The first 4 minis have got there basecoat of silver and "white". Next step is to pick out the red and wash the armour with blue. After that the "real painting" begins:) This is just a qick WIP, showing that the GK get´s their share amount of paint.

And one last thing, I got a small box of paints and stuff from Maelstromgames today, one of the best places to shop paints and goodies from (in my opinion).
Untill next time, happy painting!

2 kommentarer:

  1. If the necrotech isn't finished already I'll suggest you give the base a brush og graveyard earth then some catatchan green in the recesses to give it a more weathered feel with dust and moss. Cool model :)
    Regards Endor

  2. The Necrotech is currently on hold, I kind of lost intrest in it wich is a shame since it´s a really cool model. Yes it will look good with some moss on the base, I will add some texture for the moss and do a touch up on the stone. There are also some dirty water on the back of the base. I´ll show it when the mini is completed...:)