söndag 10 april 2011

Warmachine and Grey knights

I haven´t painted any Warmachine models for the last past week, but last night I did a few strokes with my brush on my Necrotech (the never ending Necrotech...) He still needs a lot of work but at least now I can visualize how the mini will look when finished.  I stripped his weapon for the second time, I still can get it to look the way I wants, but I´ll give it a third try! Anyway, this is how the Necrotech looks at the moment.

Apart from the Necrotech I have my desk full of Grey knights! As I wrote in last post I got a comission on a Grey knights army, and I have started to paint! I still have to strip about 80% of the army, but while waiting for the chemicals to do their thing I started to paint the other night. I work on a Rhino (this one was alreadyu glued so I could not paint it i pieces as i would have want to, but It will be an experience at least) and one test mini right now. But I will start on the first squad as soon as I got an OK from my client.
First is a pic of the first GK that will be used to test squad markings.

And here is a singel shoot an the one who actually got some paint.

And at last an early shoot of the Rhino. This is still with just the base color and a thin wash of blue followed by starting to mark out the squad marking.
 Untill next time, happy painting!

2 kommentarer:

  1. nice work man, i my self got some more work done on my mandreks las night.

  2. Thanks! You have to take som pics on the DE:)And don´t forget that today is the last day for entering the Sverok painting challange round two, then there is two weeks of painting.