tisdag 5 april 2011

On my desk

There are mostly Cryx for Warmachine on my desk at the moment. I´m trying to finish a Necrotech, a Nightwretcher and another Mechanithrall (still need to finish the first one...) But I also trying to finish some Orks for Wh40k. I´m doing a Meganob and some Àrd boyz, but a Kannon (using the FW Kill kannon as a regular kannon)and the Killa kans are still waiting for my brush. Pics of the rest of the Orks will come up later.

I was out the other day and collected some basing materials for a tutorial. This is what I mainly will be using.

And...it look´s like I´m allowed to enter round two of the Sverok Painting Challage, so keep you eyes open for Death from above! It will probably be a two model piece...where one part is the the Imperial guards from the Preatorians.

Untill next time, happy painting!

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